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Watch Wiz Khalifa Hand Out Free Weed to Paparazzi
wiz khalifa gives out free samples of his own khalifa kush strain.

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Woman Chases Down Racist Man Who Assaulted Guy On Her Train In Bada** Video
A racist man punched a stranger in the face in London but he didn't get away without a fight.

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jopay: angel
Woman Fakes Kidnap And Rape By Sending BF Pics Of Herself Gagged And Bleeding
a woman w made up a harrowing story about w she was kidnapped, beaten and raped has been jailed for a year.

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You got a bad attitude: Agitated judge tears off robe, tackles man in courtroom, video shows
judge frustrated with a defendant w was talking back to him, stormed down from his bench and rushed to help.

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Crazy Mom Has Epic Meltdown After Hearing A Rap Song On The Radio, Her Video Then Gets Turned Into Sick Rap
christian mom breaks down after daughter accidentally hears rap song and then someone remixed it

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NY Mets Player Shows His Naked Butt On Camera During Postgame Interview
during the postgame celebrations the sny cameras broadcasted a butt-naked mets player in the background

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BREAKING VIDEO: Protester Run Over By Car, Shots Fired as Protesters Mark Two Year Anniversary of Mike Brown Death in Ferguson, MO
a protester was run over in ferguson on tuesday during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.

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Terrifying Kidnapping Attempt Of California Girl Caught On Video
A terrifying kidnapping attempt was caught on surveillance video in southern California.

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Someone Live-Streamed This Naked Man Going On A Bizarre Rant About Trump
a creepy naked guy rants about tp in an odd daytime display in nyc.

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Sex snakes fall from man's ceiling in horrifying yet hot clip
A man films two snakes engaging in sexual intercourse while hanging from a ceiling inside of his home.

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Shocking footage shows three teenage girls hurling a bunny rabbit against a wall
disgusting footage has emerged of three teenage girls flinging a pet bunny rabbit against a wall.

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S.A. high schoolers film jump rope session with cat intestines in classroom
high scol students play jump rope with a rope made of cat intestines.

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8 USC linemen got stuck in a hot elevator and cried, tweeted and rapped about it
A USC lineman's hilarious reactions on Twitter to being stuck in an elevator with his teammates.

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Love Is Blind: Couple Making Out at Bar Continue to Kiss During Armed Robbery
a pair of lovers making out at a montana bar, are totally oblivious to an armed robbery happening right in front of them.

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Man Pours Boiling Water Over Coworker's Head Because He Took His GF's Half-Eaten Hot Dog (VIDEO)
a man throws boiling t water over a coworker's head because of an alleged t dog theft.

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