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A Miracle Just Happened On The Price Is Right, Contestants Beat 1 in 8,000 Odds During A LIT Showcase Showdown
Contestants on The Price is Right make history with three-way tie

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Alex Trebek Savagely Dragged A Loser Contestant Over Her Music Taste
Alex Trebek Makes Fun Of Jeopardy Contestant For Liking Nerdcore Hip-Hop!

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Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Freak Out In A Haunted House
Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon brings comedian, Kevin Hart, to a haunted house and it's unclear who freaked out most!

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Right-Wing Commentators Cant Handle Anyone Saying Pu**y Except Trump
the expressions on cnn commentators faces when the word 'pu**y' is said are absolutely priceless

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Ryan Lochtes Dancing with the Stars segment was interrupted after protesters rushed the stage.
Everyone on Twitter made the same joke after someone interrupted Ryan Lochtes 'DWTS' segment

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Kate Bolduan Of CNN Starts To Cry Detailing Story Of Bloodied Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh
a news ancr begins to cry after sharing the footage of a 5-year-old syrian boy sitting, and bloodied from an airstrike.

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Terrifying moment lion tries to kill baby on live TV but mother just LAUGHS
the disturbing incident will send a chill down any parent's spine as the predator lunges at the youngster on a talk sw.

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A Toddler Melted Down On Live TV And It Was A Hilarious Trainwreck
A toddler has a hilarious tantrum while being shot live for a morning show car seat demonstration.

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Hillary Clinton Supporters Completely Agree With Donald Trump In Jimmy Kimmel DNC Prank
Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" gets Clinton supporters to agree with Donald Trump quotes.

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'America's Got Talent': Ryan Stock is hit with a flaming arrow on live TV
A daredevil team on America's Got Talent makes a horrific mistake while live on air.

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Distracted Blonde News Anchor Walks Right Through Live Weather Report Because She’s Playing ‘Pokemon GO’
A news anchor playing Pokemon Go accidentally interrupts a live weather report.

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News Reporter Caught On Camera Asking Co-Anchor What She Thinks About Boners
news ancr makes awkward slip on live tv news blooper.

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Things go horribly wrong as magician stabs presenter’s hand during trick on live TV
polish tv st's hand appears to get impaled on a nail when a dangerous game of russian roulette doesn't go as planned.

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump fans what he has to do to lose their votes and even murder isnt enough
A recent segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Show proves how deep the loyalty of Trump supporters is during this surprising election year.

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Fox Sports Host Makes Terrible Mistake And Shows Her Underwear On Live TV
argentinian fox news tv presenter accidentally flashes her underwear on live television.

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