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El Chapo's Judge Was Just Gunned Down While Jogging in Broad Daylight
judge presiding over el chapo case st and killed in mexico caught on tape

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Upsetting Video Shows Dad Leaving 5-Year-Old Daughter Outside To Freeze
Distressing footage shows the moment a father left his daughter outside a college campus at 5 am in near freezing conditions


Man Goes On Racist Rant At Latino Workers (Video)
man unleashes bigoted tirade on latino construction workers and it's all caught on tape.

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Man caught on video repeatedly stabbing dog's face through fence at Houston home
rrible surveillance video captures man stabbing dog in near northside neighborod

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Horrifying Video Shows Teen Scalped By Ride While Trying To Take Selfie
video has emerged swing the rrifying moment after a girl got her scalp ripped off on a ferris wheel

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Man Drives His Truck Through A Group Of Native Americans Protesting Columbus Day In Shocking Video!
a man drove his pickup truck into a group of native americans protesting columbus day

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Daughter livestreams her parents on a heroin binge after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV
a young woman captures the disturbing moment she finds her parents high on e, and shares it in an online live stream.

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Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii
a firefighter suffers a devastating fall while trying to rescue a hiker in hawaii.

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Man survives two consecutive grizzly bear attacks, gets on Facebook, posts video
a man got out his pne and recorded a detailed account of his encounter with a grizzly bear

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Student arrested after wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest
College Student Arrested After Wore Gorilla Mask to Black Lives Matter Protest

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BREAKING: NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station Causing Possible Mass Casualties And Major Structural Damage
A NJ Transit train struck a wall in the Hoboken Terminal with mass casualties.

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Video Captures Insane Gun Battle As Woman Blasts Three Armed Home Invaders
A young woman defends her home as she opens fire on three intruders.

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Police Say They Were Justified In Pepper Spraying Handcuffed 15-Year-Old Girl Watch The Shocking Video and Decide For Yourself
a police body camera sws officers detaining and eventually pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl after she had been handcuffed

Police Brutality Video,  Violence,  Controversy,  

Black Woman Paints Her Body White to Protest Police Violence, Facebook Pulls Video
a black woman on facebook streamed video of herself covering her body in white paint in an attempt to detract attention from cops

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NBC Obtains Video of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott
the family of keith lamont scott release video of his fatal encounter with north carolina police.

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