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Woman Takes Pics With Topless Tinder Date Moments Before She Dies Escaping Him
ptos emerged of a woman posing naked next to a man moments before she fell 14 stories off his balcony while on a tinder date.

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Man caught on video repeatedly stabbing dog's face through fence at Houston home
rrible surveillance video captures man stabbing dog in near northside neighborod

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Man Drives His Truck Through A Group Of Native Americans Protesting Columbus Day In Shocking Video!
a man drove his pickup truck into a group of native americans protesting columbus day

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Live-Stream Shows Couple Overdosing On Sidewalk While People Watch And Laugh
video of a couple overdosing has surfaced and people are heard making jokes at their expense

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Graphic Body Cam Video Released of Cops Murdering 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy
video of police soting that killed 6-year-old autistic la. boy released

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Black Woman Paints Her Body White to Protest Police Violence, Facebook Pulls Video
a black woman on facebook streamed video of herself covering her body in white paint in an attempt to detract attention from cops

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VIDEO: Toddler tries to wake mom from apparent overdose
video captures mom's apparent overdose at family dollar store

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2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage
a gunman targeting police in west philadelphia leaves 5 wounded and 2 dead, including himself.

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400 Students Singing Outside Sick Teachers Window Will Leave You Bawling
Around 400 students belted out a song in his honor of teacher suffering from cancer

Heart Touching,  Sad Things,  Music,  

Watch: This Photo of a Toddler Tied to a Fence Has People Outraged
A man catches a toddler strapped to a gate with a bungee cord.

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Woman Waves Goodbye Moments Before Explosion (Video)
cctv cameras capture a woman's last precious moments before being blown away by a suicide bomber.

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Hot Girl Pretends To Be Drunk In Public To See If Men Will Help Her But What Actually Happens Is Disgusting
a social experiment sws the reactions of various men w are asked for help by a girl pretending to be drunk.

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Five Dead, Dozens Injured In Amtrak Train Derailment Near Philadelphia
a train carrying over 200 pengers derails near philadelphia.

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Do The Homeless Get Treated Differently From The Rich? Watch This Social Experiment To See (Video)
YouTube star Josh Paler Lin poses as a homeless man to see if he can gain access to different restaurants.

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Middle school team loses game after ball gets stuck on rim, learns life is never fair
A middle school basketball team loses a game when a buzzer beater shot gets stuck on the rim.

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