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Police Say They Were Justified In Pepper Spraying Handcuffed 15-Year-Old Girl Watch The Shocking Video and Decide For Yourself
a police body camera sws officers detaining and eventually pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl after she had been handcuffed

Shocking,  Police Brutality Video,  Violence,  Controversy,  

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400 Students Singing Outside Sick Teachers Window Will Leave You Bawling
Around 400 students belted out a song in his honor of teacher suffering from cancer

Sad,  Heart Touching,  Music,  

Firefighter Climbs 110 Stories In Full Gear On A Stairmaster At Planet Fitness To Honor Fallen 9/11 Colleagues
33-year-old firefighter was photographed climbing 110 stories in full firefighting gear at Planet Fitness

Heart Touching,  New Articles,  Life,  

Entire High School Football Team Drops Roses At The Feet Of A Cheerleader Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer Before Game
Each fb player stopped at the feet of cheerleader and dropped an orange rose.

Heart Touching,  Sports News,  Life,  

Woman’s Snapchats Of Last Day With Her Dog Will Seriously Bring You To Tears
A woman shares seriously emotional photos of her last day with her dog on Snapchat.

Animals,  Social Media,  Aww,  Heart Touching,  

Kate Bolduan Of CNN Starts To Cry Detailing Story Of Bloodied Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh
a news ancr begins to cry after sharing the footage of a 5-year-old syrian boy sitting, and bloodied from an airstrike.

Television,  Disturbing,  World Gone Wrong,  

'Didn't you see it coming?' Heartless moment a reporter interviews a dying man live on TV after he was hit by a truck
scking moment reporter interviews a dying man live on tv.

Shocking,  World News,  Reporter Fail,  Smh,  

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Dolphin At SeaWorld Is Tired Of Everyone's Sh*t, Steals Womans iPad And Then Totally Dominates Her
A dolphin steals an iPad from a ladies hand and then splashes the crowd.

Animals,  Crazy Animal Videos,  Wtf,  Shocking,  

Chinese Driver Drags Dog To Its Death (Video)
inhumane driver drags dog to its death on road in china.

Animals,  Disturbing,  Shocking,  Wow,  

Hero cop rescues shot mother and her children after father opens fire
heart-stopping moment hero cop rushes in to save the life of mother and her three young children after father opens fire.

Disturbing Videos,  America Shooting,  Crime,  

Video Shows Tourists Horrified By SeaWorld Killer Whale’s Apparent Suicide Attempt
Captive Orca whale behaves strangely and tries to commit suicide.

Animals,  Most Disturbing Videos,  Shocking Videos,  2016 News,  

[Video] Shocking CCTV Footage Emerge Of A Teen Electrocuted To Death In Internet Cafe
a teenage factory worker is killed in a freak accident as he attempted to unplug his pne from a computer.

Shocking,  Crazy Videos Of Death,  Omg,  Disturbing,  

Shocking footage shows three teenage girls hurling a bunny rabbit against a wall
disgusting footage has emerged of three teenage girls flinging a pet bunny rabbit against a wall.

Shocking,  Disturbing,  Animals,  Just Wrong,  

Zoo shoots gorilla dead to protect boy who was pulled into enclosure
a large gorilla is killed by zoo staff when a small child finds his way into the animal's enclosure.

Animals,  Shocking,  Disturbing,  

This Newly Released Footage Of WWE Legend Chyna Reveals Just How Messed Up She Was Before Her Death
disturbing footage of wrestling legend chyna emerges. the videos were taken before her recent drug overdose.

Celebrity,  Sad News,  Sports News,  

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