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Good samaritans form human chain to rescue man from burning car
At least half a dozen people help the man escape, dragging him to safety as the flames from the car grow higher

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Video Shows Moment Tim Tebows Miracle Prayer Seems To Heal Unconscious Fan
Tebow ended up comforting a man with prayer after the man had fallen on the floor during a seizure.

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Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii
a firefighter suffers a devastating fall while trying to rescue a hiker in hawaii.

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Police Officer Talks Suicidal Man Out Of Jumping Off Bridge By Discussing Shared Hatred Of The Cowboys
an officer thwarts a potential suicide with the help of a mutual hatred of the dallas cowboys.

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A Couple Of Bystanders Saved A Woman From A Burning Car After An Out Of Control Semi Caused A Ten Car Pileup
A dramatic video shows rescuers pulling a woman from a burning vehicle moments after a crash.

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New Jersey cop saves a suicidal man as he refused to get off train tracks
The heroic moment a transit cop saved a suicidal man as he refused to get off the tracks.

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Shocking bodycam footage shows cop pull passenger from car inferno (VIDEO)
The amazing moment when a police officer saves a man from a burning car.

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Heroes rescue woman trapped in submerged car in dramatic video
The dramatic moment when a couple of men help to rescue a woman and her dog from a car submerged in water.

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Watch bystanders form a human chain to rescue woman from Maryland flood
Maryland residents work together to help rescue a woman in historic floods.

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Hero cop rescues shot mother and her children after father opens fire
heart-stopping moment hero cop rushes in to save the life of mother and her three young children after father opens fire.

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These Inmates Literally Broke Out Of Jail To Save Their Guard's Life
Jail inmates save a guard's life by literally escaping from jail and calling for help.

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Man Hailed Hero For Saving Total Stranger From Burning Car
A Santa Clara man is being called a hero after saving a total stranger, who appeared to be under the influence, from a burning car

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Good Samaritans Rescue Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks At City Hall Station
Three bystanders lift a man off of subway tracks in a heroic moment.

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(Dramatic Video) A Family Of Four Jumps From Their Burning Home To Safety
A family of four jumped from the fifth floor of their burning apartment building in Strunino, Russia, on May 22.

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WATCH: Dash cam catches dramatic rescue of Alaska man trapped in burning SUV
police dash cam sws the amazing moment when a man is rescued from a burning vehicle.

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