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You got a bad attitude: Agitated judge tears off robe, tackles man in courtroom, video shows
judge frustrated with a defendant w was talking back to him, stormed down from his bench and rushed to help.

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Horrifying Video Shows Teen Scalped By Ride While Trying To Take Selfie
video has emerged swing the rrifying moment after a girl got her scalp ripped off on a ferris wheel

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Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii
a firefighter suffers a devastating fall while trying to rescue a hiker in hawaii.

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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump
Masked stuntman 8booth makes an amazing jump off a 5-story hotel into a small pool.

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Man survives two consecutive grizzly bear attacks, gets on Facebook, posts video
a man got out his pne and recorded a detailed account of his encounter with a grizzly bear

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Video Captures Insane Gun Battle As Woman Blasts Three Armed Home Invaders
A young woman defends her home as she opens fire on three intruders.

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Bro Wearing GoPro Fights Off ENORMOUS Great White Shark Attacking Him In Craziest Footage Ever
22-year-old Tyler McQuillen lived through one of the craziest experiences imaginable when a great white shark attacked him!

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Somehow Three Police Officers Who Were Intentionally Targeted And Run Over By Speeding Car Are Alive
harrowing footage sws the moment a driver intentionally mows down three penix police officers.

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Millionaire Accused Of Abuse Finds Surveillance Video Of Ex-Fiancée BEATING HERSELF UP To Prove His Innocence!
surveillance video allegedly sws a millionaire's ex-fiance beating herself in order to claim abuse.

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Seal jumps in boat to escape from killer whale
A seal takes refuge in a boat to avoid a group of giant orca whales.

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Watch A Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attack A Walmart Employee In A Parking Lot Because, Hell, Why Wouldnt You?
A frightened monkey wearing a diaper freaks out on a Walmart employee.

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Tough break! The moment an Armenian weightlifter's arm snaps as he tries to lift 429lbs leaving him screaming in agony at the Olympics
Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan crashed out of the Olympics in agony as his left elbow gave way during a lift attempt.

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Guy Snapchats Savage Employee Quitting Job By Flashing Her Bare Butt In Public
a woman moons her former employer while quitting her job and telling them that she has a new job.

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Shocking Hit-And-Run Footage Shows Motorist Try To Mow Man Down Twice
cctv footage captures a uk driver purposely running over a man with his car.

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