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Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Freak Out In A Haunted House
Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon brings comedian, Kevin Hart, to a haunted house and it's unclear who freaked out most!

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Right-Wing Commentators Cant Handle Anyone Saying Pu**y Except Trump
the expressions on cnn commentators faces when the word 'pu**y' is said are absolutely priceless

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Sad Bernie Sanders Watching The Debate At Home Is The Greatest Meme Of The 2016 Election (20 PICS)
Bernie was watching the presidential debate at home on TV which led to the best memes

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People Are Loving This Reporter Who Yelled "Thanks A Lot, B*tch" At The Debate
a reporter at the presidential debate yelled at another woman while chasing an interview.

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The best presidential debate memes, because we all need to laugh after that shitshow
social media reacts to the first presidential debate with hilarious memes!

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Hillary Clintons Between Two Ferns appearance is internet gold
hillary clinton goes between two ferns with zach galifianakis, immediately regrets it

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Row Of Dudes All Yank On Girls Ponytail As Joke, One Guy Pulls Out A Chunk Of Fake Hair And Gets SMACKED Unconscious
Teen finds out the hard way why you should never pull a girl's hair in this hilarious viral video!

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Cam Newton Gets Mocked For Wearing Ridiculous Barbershop Quartet Outfit After Game
Cam Newton took an L after the game by wearing this ridiculous outfit at the post-game press conference

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People Are Laughing Over This Girls Different Reactions To Meeting Obama And Trump
Little girl has a *very* different reaction when she met President Obama compared with Donald Trump.

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Everyones Obsessed With NFL Commentators Narration Of Drunk Guy Streaking
A streaker invaded the field at Levis Stadium with the greatest and most hilarious play-by-play call possible.

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New meme alert! Randy Moss made the angriest face when Trent Dilfer criticized Colin Kaepernick
trent dilfer went in pretty colin kaepernick on sunday, and randy moss did not look very happy about it.

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Little girl loses her mind over cotton candy at baseball game
Little Girl Devouring Cotton Candy Is The Cutest Thing Youll See All Day

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This Teen Applied A Facemask For The First Time And Instantly Regretted It
young woman experiments with a facemask and ends up in excruciatingly hilarious pain!

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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Landing Funny Announcements With Looney Tunes
Zach Haumesser impersonated nearly a dozen characters from the classic Warner Bros. cartoon series Looney Tunes

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Street Fight Over $10 Features A Dude Punched So Squarely In The Face He Momentarily Becomes A Parallelogram
two men get into a bloodied brawl over an unpaid $10 debt.

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