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The scariest pumpkin

Of all time
The scariest pumpkin

Of all time

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Gonna be my ex for Halloween
@HipHopAllAround: #Garbitch
Gonna be my ex for Halloween

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Q: What happened when the man couldn't afford the mortgage on his haunted house?

A: It was repossessed!

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Q: What would you find on a haunted beach?

A: A sand witch.

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Q: Which skyscraper is haunted?

A: The Vampire State Building!

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Q: What is a witch's favorite suject in school?

A: Spelling!

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Monster: Im so ugly.

Ghost: Its not that bad!

Monster: It is! When my grandfather was born they passed out cigars.

When my father was born they just passed out cigarettes.

When I was born they simply passed out.

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What kind of protozoa likes Halloween?

An amoeboo!

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What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Independence Day?

The Fourth of Ghoul-ly!

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What did the ghost serve at his Halloween party?


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Why is the air so clean and healthy on Halloween?

Because so many witches are sweeping the sky.

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Why arent burgers the least bit scared of Halloween?

Theyre used to people goblin them!

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What do witches eat at Halloween?

Spook-etti, Halloweenies, Devils food cake and Boo-berry pie.

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Vampire 1: "I once went so long without fresh blood that I nearly died."

Vampire 2: "How awful!"

Vampire 1: "Yes. Fortunately, I found some in the neck of time."

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What kind of medicine does Dracula take for a cold?

Coffin medicine.

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