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Blake Griffin Throws Shoe And Hits Cory Joseph In The Face
Blake Griffin aimlessly throws a shoe during the Raptors vs. Clippers preseason game and nails Cory Joseph in the face!

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Everyones Obsessed With NFL Commentators Narration Of Drunk Guy Streaking
A streaker invaded the field at Levis Stadium with the greatest and most hilarious play-by-play call possible.

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Vikings players gave a shoutout to Harambe in the pregame huddle
The Vikings opened their 2016 season with a pregame huddle dedicated to Harambe

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A Japanese Wrestler Won Gold And Thanked Her Coach In The Most Epic Way
A Japanese wrestler thanks her coach by slamming him twice as he rushes to congratulate her.

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Dwyane Wade disrespects Canada, takes practice shots during the Canadian National Anthem
Dwayne Wade continues to warm up during the Canadian national anthem.

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Dannie bo: When u see dat ass
Draymond Green Short-Circuited Then Turned Off During Press Conference
The Warriors' Draymond Green's face mysteriously stops moving while in a press conference.

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Grizzlies mascot climbs ladder, then jumps and slams mascot in Spurs jersey through table
The Memphis Grizzles mascot does a dangerous jump off of a ladder and flattens a Spurs mascot through a table.

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Furious VCU cheerleader stomps Saint Joseph's balloons after Atlantic 10 final loss
A VCU cheerleader tries to stomp out a balloon after her team loses their conference championship.

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 Cam Newton takes a huge L in epic loss to the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50!

RIP Cam Newton
Cam Newton takes a huge L in epic loss to the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50!

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wow: peyton crying again
The second part of the 2016 NFL 'Bad Lip Reading' video is here and it's hilarious
the second installment of 2016's bad lip reading is here, just in time for super bowl 50.

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The 2016 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Is Here, And It's Hysterical
the newest nfl 'bad lip reading' video is here, and it is hilarious.

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Tom Izzo gets the bear hug of his life from a fired-up Matt Costello
Matt Costello lifts up his coach Tom Izzo in celebration after a win against Maryland.

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The Thunder's wacky, Ever-Changing pregame dances are called 'Swagdaddies'
OKC Thunder players develop an awesome dancing pre-game ritual.

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Cam Newton balled up a '12th man' flag and threw it away like it was trash
NFL QB Cam Newton is handed a '12th Man' flag by a Seattle fan and quickly disposes of it.

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Memphis' Reggis Ball Appears to Tackle Auburn Ball Boy, Steal Ball and Flip Bird
memphis player swipes game ball from auburn equipment staff.

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