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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton debate 3: Funniest memes and moments
The top memes from third presidential debate: Puppets, bad hombres

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People Are Calling This Guy Glaring At Donald Trump The Real Winner Of The Debate
While Trump was answering a question one man looked back at him... no, one man glared back at him.

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Fly that lands on Hillary Clinton at debate starts internet buzzing
Numerous parody Twitter accounts fly into action after an insect makes itself at home on one candidate's face during the second pr

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Sad Bernie Sanders Watching The Debate At Home Is The Greatest Meme Of The 2016 Election (20 PICS)
Bernie was watching the presidential debate at home on TV which led to the best memes

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People Are Loving This Reporter Who Yelled "Thanks A Lot, B*tch" At The Debate
a reporter at the presidential debate yelled at another woman while chasing an interview.

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The best presidential debate memes, because we all need to laugh after that shitshow
social media reacts to the first presidential debate with hilarious memes!

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The internet scorches Jimmy Fallon: F*ck him for trying to make Trump likable
social media users blasted the talk sw st for trying to make the racist ty look like a regular guy.

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For The First Time Since He Started His Campaign, Someone Shut Donald Trump The Hell Up (And Theres Video)
A pastor went up to Trump mid speech & reminded him that he was there to thank the pastors, not "give a political speech."

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Trump Supporter Warns There Will Be #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner, Hilariously Backfires With Memes And Taco Love
Marco Gutierrez forewarned American that there will be taco trucks on every corner and then came the memes

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NYPD's Sick Grab Ends Mans Crazy Live Trump Tower Climb
A man is grabbed by NY police officers in an immaculate manner after trying to scale the Trump Tower.

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump fans what he has to do to lose their votes and even murder isnt enough
A recent segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Show proves how deep the loyalty of Trump supporters is during this surprising election year.

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Middle Schooler Is Going Crazy Viral After Giving Graduation Speech Impersonating The Presidential Candidates
An 8th graders hilarious speech doing impressions of the 2016 presidential candidates goes viral.

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Donald Trump Trashed With #ChickenTrump Memes After Nixing Bernie Sanders Debate
Twitter mocks Donald Trump for backing out of a debate against Bernie Sanders.

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People kept dabbing behind moderators at the GOP debate
People at the eleventh Republican debate for the 2016 election dab behind Fox News moderators.

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"Omg mom please come get me"
"Omg mom please come get me"

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