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This Video of Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio Vanishing on the Sidelines Will Blow Your Mind
Where'd he go? MSU's Mark Dantonio vanishes in viral video

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Everyones Obsessed With NFL Commentators Narration Of Drunk Guy Streaking
A streaker invaded the field at Levis Stadium with the greatest and most hilarious play-by-play call possible.

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Vikings players gave a shoutout to Harambe in the pregame huddle
The Vikings opened their 2016 season with a pregame huddle dedicated to Harambe

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wow: peyton crying again
The second part of the 2016 NFL 'Bad Lip Reading' video is here and it's hilarious
the second installment of 2016's bad lip reading is here, just in time for super bowl 50.

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The 2016 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Is Here, And It's Hysterical
the newest nfl 'bad lip reading' video is here, and it is hilarious.

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Andy Reid had his challenge flag stolen right out of his pocket
Andy Reid has challenge flag yanked out of his pocket by an assistant

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WATCH: The Bills kicker threw his helmet and it hit him in the face
NFL kicker Dan Carpenter throws his helmet after missing a kick, and it unluckily hits him in back in his face.

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Penn State LB slams head into teammates' helmets pregame, bleeds all over the place
a penn state football player's head is left bloodied after he slams his head into his teammates w have helmets on.

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Memphis' Reggis Ball Appears to Tackle Auburn Ball Boy, Steal Ball and Flip Bird
memphis player swipes game ball from auburn equipment staff.

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Clay Matthews Offers to Help Carson Palmer Up, Fakes Him Out and Pulls Hand Away
Linebacker Clay Matthews pulls an absolute jerk move - tricks quarterback Carson Palmer by faking an offer to help him up.

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It was meeee?!?!

When You Get Accused Of Something You Didn't Do
It was meeee?!?!

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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul nail trick shots, debate Dez's catch
It's trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers!

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Florida State QB Sean Maguire hurls pass over stadium wall from parking lot
Sean Maquire the QB of the Florida State Seminoles, hurls a football over a very high stadium wall.

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Steeler's William Gay Earned This Penalty After Hilariously Long Celebration
Steelers DB William Gay celebrates an interception for a score, for over two minutes.

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Angry Carolina Panthers Mom Throwin Elbows After Her Son Doesnt Get A Touchdown Ball
A mom/fan at a recent Panthers game gets upset when her kid doesn't receive a touchdown football.

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