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Man Attacks Woman, Do-Gooder Intervenes And Dishes Out Instant Karma By Knocking Douche Into Next Week
an ailant gets a taste of his own medicine when a good samaritan knocks him out after attack on innocent woman.

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rick ross parody of young m.a. "ooouuu"

OOOUUU (Rick Ross Parody) [@FILNOBEP]
rick ross parody of young m.a. "ooouuu"

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Updated: Brawl erupts in Dallas taco shop, video goes viral
a huge fight transpires in a dallas taco sp.

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Justin Bieber Got His A** Kicked By A Much Bigger Dude During Fight After The NBA Finals Game
Justin Bieber gets into a scuffle with a man almost twice his size at a Cleveland hotel.

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This Brutal Soccer Kick To The Head Ended An MMA Fight Within Six Seconds
an mma fighter is knocked out cold by a brutal "soccer-style" kick to the head.

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Cops, firefighters swing punches at charity game
a fight breaks out between members of the nypd and the fdny during a charity football game.

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Juvenile Punches Waffle House Customer "My Wife's No H**"
juvenile fights a man in waffle use when the guy refers to his wife as a e.

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The Internet Mocks Jose Bautista After He Got Punched In The Face By Rougned Odor
The web ridicules Jose Bautista after being thumped in the face during a game.

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Vince Neil Fights With Nic Cage After Allegedly Attacking Woman
drunk celebrities vince neil and nic cage argue after nic allegedly attacks a woman.

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Super Bowl Champ Appears To Throw A Vicious Punch In A Denver Club
A Broncos star is captured throwin a haymaker in a Denver nightclub brawl.

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Two Chicks Run Out On $9.99 Chinese Buffet Tab, Go Psycho On Worker For Trying To Stop Them And Grab A Taser
a fight erupts in the middle of a street when a waiter accuses two women of trying to leave witut paying for their meal.

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Justin DeLoach KO'd Dillon Cook with a ferocious punch that will make you cringe
a boxer folds his opponent in half with a very brutal knockout punch.

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Comedian Katt Williams beaten up by a 12-Year-Old
katt williams is caught on camera getting cked out by a pre-teen, after sucker-punching the 7th-grader.

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Girl Gets Absolutely DESTROYED By A Punch After Foolishly Calling Another Girl The N-Word
an argument turns into a one-punch knockout, when a girl is angered after being called a racial epithet by a caucasian girl.

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Customer Films McDonald’s Employee Socking His Manager In The Face, Nearly Sending Him Into The Frialator
furious mcdonald's employee punches his manager in front of stunned customers.

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