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Woman Chases Down Racist Man Who Assaulted Guy On Her Train In Bada** Video
A racist man punched a stranger in the face in London but he didn't get away without a fight.

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Man Goes On Racist Rant At Latino Workers (Video)
man unleashes bigoted tirade on latino construction workers and it's all caught on tape.

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Daughter livestreams her parents on a heroin binge after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV
a young woman captures the disturbing moment she finds her parents high on e, and shares it in an online live stream.

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Try Not To Cry Watching Guy Smash All The iPhone 7s That Couldve Been Yours
Pissed Off Customer Goes Postal At An Apple Store Casually Smashing Every Device In The Place

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Video Shows Fan Attempting to Climb on Kanye West's Floating Stage
Crazy fan dangles from the stage during Kanye's performance of Power.

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Jealous Girlfriend Plows Over Stripper Then Drags Boyfriend Away From Sexy Lap Dance
a girlfriend throws down a stripper and pulls her boyfriend off of a strip club stage before he gets a lap dance.

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Subway Riders Live-Tweet Chaos After Woman Lets Bugs Loose On Crowded Train
a woman throws a crazy fit on the subway and releases a large number of live crickets while doing so.

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The terrifying moment a woman bystander is caught in the crossfire of terrifying machine gun shootout at Atlanta gas station
Surveillance video captures two men in a shootout at a gas station in Atlanta.

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This Old Dude Going Ballistic On A Cyclist After Refusing To Share The Road Is The Funniest Video Youll See Today
dude unleashes pbic tirade on cyclist in road rage meltdown.

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Terrifying moment lion tries to kill baby on live TV but mother just LAUGHS
the disturbing incident will send a chill down any parent's spine as the predator lunges at the youngster on a talk sw.

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Get A Load Of This Bonehead Who Missed His Flight And Decided To Chase Down His Plane On The Tarmac
A viral video captures a man who missed his flight bypassing security and running after his plane on the Tarmac.

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WATCH: Harlem Globetrotter Swishes Shot From High-Flying NJ Thrill Ride
A Harlem Globetrotter makes an incredible trick shot while taking a 110 ft drop on the 'Sky Coaster' in New Jersey.

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Skateboarder gets revenge on motorist by smashing windshield of $250,000 McLaren
skateboarder smashes windshield of $250000 mclaren which nearly knocked him down.

Shocking,  Exotic Cars,  Smh,  Wow,  

Watch: Dallas man flies off water slide, falls onto rocky cliff in Austin area
A Dallas man was injured recently after flying off a water slide and falling onto a rocky cliff in the Austin area.

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Woman Films Uber Driver Screaming In Her Face To Get Out Of His Car And The Video Is Biting HER In The A** Now
a disturbing viral video sws a woman antagonizing her very annoyed uber driver for not troughly explaining their location.

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