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You got a bad attitude: Agitated judge tears off robe, tackles man in courtroom, video shows
judge frustrated with a defendant w was talking back to him, stormed down from his bench and rushed to help.

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Two Chicks Run Out On $9.99 Chinese Buffet Tab, Go Psycho On Worker For Trying To Stop Them And Grab A Taser
a fight erupts in the middle of a street when a waiter accuses two women of trying to leave witut paying for their meal.

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This Easter Bunny Got In A Fist Fight With Someone In The Middle Of A Mall
a fight breaks out in the middle of a new jersey mall and features a person dressed in a easter bunny suit.

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MMA fighters go flying through cage door during bout
Two amateur MMA fighters fly through a faulty cage door during a bout.

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Shocking Footage Shows Stabbing At Cowboys-Redskins Game [VIDEO]
a fan is stabbed outside of a cowboys versus redskins game after fights break out.

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Road Rage Erupts Into All-Out Fight In The Middle Of Russian Highway
a road rage incident in russia between two men turns into a brutal fight.

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Soccer player lands savage flying kick to opponent's head
an amateur soccer game turns ugly when an amazing flying leg kick is landed during a mid-game scuffle.

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High school dance-off turns into massive brawl
two dallas high scol dance teams fight after an impromptu compeion gets too heated.

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Men charged in attack on Winter Haven Applebees customer
two men are caught on tape beating up a man at a applebee's bar, after getting into an argument.

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Brawl Starts Outside A Burger King, Ends Inside It With A Dude Walloping Someone Over The Head With A Pipe
brawlers fight over a cheating woman inside of a burger king in charlotte, nc.

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This Was Just A Good Ol’ Fashioned Schoolyard Fight, Until One Dude Gets Walloped In The Face By A Flying Razor Scooter
a teen is brutally smashed in the face with a s during a scol fight.

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'Drunk man violently restrained by fellow plane passengers after he hassles woman'
the drunk man was restrained by tse w were fed up with his behaviour and handed him to police on landing.

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Earl Sweatshirt Gets Attacked On Stage; Drops Invader With Punch
rap artist earl sweatshirt punches a crazed fan to the ground after being attacked during a concert.

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Two Softball Dads Get Into A Crazy Fight Over Their Daughters At A Game (Video)
fathers of softball players on opposing teams get into a ble at a game in maryland.

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Brawl Over The Confederate Flag Spills Into The Streets Outside Of South Carolina Statehouse
a skirmish breaks out between anti-confederate flag protesters and confederate flag supporters in south carolina.

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