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Obama Danced To Hotline Bling With Usher, And It Was So Lit
The leader of the free world threw a party at the White House, took off his tie and danced to Drake

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Fearless Chemo Patient Busting Out Dance Moves With Best Friend Goes Viral
Cancer patient filmed dancing to "Juju on That Beat" in her hospital room.

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Best Dad Ever Goes Makes Awesome American Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter
Dad goes viral after bulding his daughter, 5, an epic 'Ninja Warrior' obstacle course

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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump
Masked stuntman 8booth makes an amazing jump off a 5-story hotel into a small pool.

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Everybody Is Losing It Over This Rapping Grandma's Album
An elderly woman Christian rapper goes viral after a guy tweets about her music.

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Magician Performs Crazy Lemon Through Bottle Magic Trick at Fast Food Drive-Thrus
Famous Youtube magician Rahat, blows the mind of fast food employees with a closed water bottle and lemon trick.

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Cam Newton hops playground fence to play football with N.C. Seventh-Graders
Cam Newton surprises a group of middle schoolers playing outside when he hops a fence to play with them.

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Watch a Reese's Peanut Butter cup undergo an Oreo transplant
A new YouTube Channel features life-altering surgery performed on food.

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Touching Story Of The 'Dancing Barista' Goes Viral (Video)
An autistic teenager inspires the world as a dancing Starbucks barista.

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YouTuber goes snowboarding on the streets of New York City
Youtuber Casey Neistat treks through a snow-filled New York City on a snowboard.

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Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket land, tip over, and explode
Elon Musk's Falcon 9 rocket tips over and explodes after making it's landing on a droneship.

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Watch an Atlanta Teacher Perform a Serious Dance With His Students
Ron Clark of the famed Ron Clark Academy performs an impressive dance routine with his students.

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You need to watch this pop locking version of the Nutcracker dance, right this instant
Dancers in Chicago perform an epic 'pop-locking' routine to the California Philharmonic Orchestra's 'Nutcracker'.

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The Internet Is Going Nuts Trying To Find The Hidden Panda In This Photo
An illustrator named Dudolf confuses the internet with a hidden "panda" drawing, that has recently gone viral.

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If you stare at this image, it will disappear...
If you stare at this image, it will disappear...

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