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Buffalo fan sells T-shirt with Colin Kaepernick in rifle scope
disturbing anti-colin kaepernick t-shirts are being sold outside of buffalo's new era field

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Singer Takes A Knee While Performing National Anthem At Kings Game
Leah Tysse took a knee while performing the song in solidarity with the ongoing protests of racial inequality and police brutality

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Person in gorilla suit and 'All Lives Matter' shirt runs on field during Bears game
A person in a gorilla suit is chased by security personnel on the field during the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions game

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Eastern Michigan students protest on field at football game after racist graffiti incidents
As the Eastern Michigan vs. Wyoming game was going on, students protested around the field and in the stands.

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College Freshman Expelled After Racist Snapchat About Football Goes Viral
a freshman student at belmont university has been expelled over a racist snapchat pto

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President Obama's Underage Daughter Caught Playing Beer Pong
everyones mad at malia obamas friends over snapchat of her playing pong

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Mattress Company Condemned for Tasteless 9/11 Commercial and Twin Tower Sale
A Texas mattress company has sparked intense outrage after it aired a commercial promoting its Twin Tower sale"

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BREAKING VIDEO: Protester Run Over By Car, Shots Fired as Protesters Mark Two Year Anniversary of Mike Brown Death in Ferguson, MO
a protester was run over in ferguson on tuesday during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.

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Surveillance video shows Oklahoma jail staff put distressed inmate in fatal chokehold
darius robinson was locked up in an oklama jail when officers pepper sprayed him and crushed his windpipe in what was ruled as a

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Brazilian woman is accused of child abuse on Facebook after a video of her twerking with a toddler goes viral
woman causes outrage on social media and is accused of being a pervert after twerking with a baby.

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WNBA players stage media blackout after being fined for wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts
Women basketball players take a stand for the Black Lives Matter movement, in spite of being fined by the WNBA.

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Excessive? Fresno Police Release Controversial Body Cam Video Of Dylan Noble Shooting
police in fresno have released video which sws the graphic soting of dylan noble.

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These NBA Superstars Sent A Powerful Message To The World At The ESPY Awards
NBA superstars call for change in powerful speech at the 2016 Espy Awards.

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Canada Changed Its National Anthem At The All-Star Game And People Are Mad
A Canadian quartet changes the words of the Canadian national anthem to show their support for "All Lives Matter".

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump fans what he has to do to lose their votes and even murder isnt enough
A recent segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Show proves how deep the loyalty of Trump supporters is during this surprising election year.

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