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Sparking Outrage: Meteorologist Claims Haiti Is Severely Deforested Because Children Eat The Trees!
Weather Channel meteorologist claims Haiti is deforested because children eat the trees

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Students suspended after mocking Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos
2 students were suspended from albright college after blackface racist snapchats.

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Brand New Cop Fired From Her Job After Posting A Snapchat In Full Uniform With Racial Caption
melissa adamson is out of two jobs after posting this racial picture caption on social media.

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Student arrested after wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest
College Student Arrested After Wore Gorilla Mask to Black Lives Matter Protest

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VIDEO: Toddler tries to wake mom from apparent overdose
video captures mom's apparent overdose at family dollar store

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Police Caught On Video Making Up Charges For Man: Gotta Cover Our A**
police officers accidentally recorded themselves making up charges against a protester in connecticut.

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Marching Band Makes Controversial Joke About Baylors Sexual Assault Scandal
a scandal sparked by allegations of women getting sexually aulted by football players was used as ammo to take a st at baylor

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Kansas State University Releases Statement After Student's Racist Snapchat Goes Viral
Racially offensive Snapchat image sparks outrage at Kansas State

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Atlanta teacher, dubbed #TeacherBae responds to viral discussion of attire
a fourth grade teacher sparked a social media debate whether or not her outfits are too racy for scol.

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President Obama's Underage Daughter Caught Playing Beer Pong
everyones mad at malia obamas friends over snapchat of her playing pong

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Mattress Company Condemned for Tasteless 9/11 Commercial and Twin Tower Sale
A Texas mattress company has sparked intense outrage after it aired a commercial promoting its Twin Tower sale"

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Twitter’s reaction to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s sitting out the national anthem
Colin Kapernick takes a stand against black oppression by sitting down during the national anthem and receives much backlash.

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Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson arrested by Baton Rouge police
DeRay McKesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, was arrested during a demonstration in Baton Rouge Saturday, July 9

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An Old Indian Nursery Rhyme Video Has Gone Globally Viral For Using The N-Word
a controversial 30-year-old video of an indian nursery rhyme using the 'n-word' goes viral.

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Nick Young tweets video of traffic stop, says he was pulled over by 3 cop cars for having no license plate
Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers posts video of a recent encounter with police on his Twitter account.

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