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DJ Khaled Streamed His Own Album While Snapchatting His Fiance Giving Birth
Nicole Tuck gave birth to their sweet baby boy last night, DJ Khaled, naturally, documented the entire thing

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The Internet Caught Trumps Son Stealing From In-N-Out Burger With This Photo
Donald Trump's son got a cup thats supposed to be used for free water, and instead filled it with what looks like lemonade.

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Security Footage Surfaces Of Jewelery Thieves Robbing Kim Kardashian
New Footage Of Robbers Fleeing Kim Kardashians Hotel May Give Cops Answers

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Shailene Woodley Live-Streams Getting Arrested: Its Because Im Well-Known
Actress Shailene Woodley Arrested for Criminal Trespassing While Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

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The Internet Thinks the Kim Kardashian Robbery Was Fake
kim kardashian west was reportedly the victim of an armed robbery overnight in paris but the internet says otherwise...

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WATCH: The same 'prankster' who attacked Gigi Hadid is back at it with Kim Kardashian
Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk has struck again targeting Kim Kardashian's butt

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Kylie Jenner Crying In An Elevator Is The Perfect Meme For All Our Struggles
Kylie Jenner got stuck in an elevator during NYFW, and it was the funniest thing Ive ever seen.

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Yeezy Season 4: Fans Poke Fun At Kanye Wests Models Tripping Down Runway! See The Memes
The models at Kanye Wests NYFW show were stumbling all over the place, causing several fans to take notice!

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Here Are All The Hilarious Things Celebs Looked Like At The 2016 VMAs
Funny comparisons of celebrities and their fashion from the 2016 VMAs.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Plays Paparazzi and Sneaks Up on Pal Jonah Hill Completely Scaring Him!
Leonardo DiCaprio pranks Jonah Hill by acting as a crazed fan walking down the street.

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Vanilla Ice Goes Nuclear On A Delta Employee After Missing His Flight And The Video Is A MUST See
vanilla ice flips out at the airport when he misses his flight.

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This Newly Released Footage Of WWE Legend Chyna Reveals Just How Messed Up She Was Before Her Death
disturbing footage of wrestling legend chyna emerges. the videos were taken before her recent drug overdose.

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Meghan Trainor falls over in spectacular fashion while performing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
pop star meghan trainor falls over after performing on jimmy fallon's 'tonight sw'.

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14-Year-Old Skai Jackson Shut Down Azealia Banks In The Best Way
Skai Jackson feuds with singer and infamous Twitter troll, Azealia Banks, on Twitter.

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Justin Bieber Shoves Desiigner In The Club During Performance Of "Panda"
Video of Justin Bieber shoving Desiigner when the rapper jumps on his feet while performing.

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