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One sweet gesture by FSU's Travis Rudolph makes mom of boy with autism
Florida State's star wideout saw a middle schooler eating lunch alone, so he grabbed a seat.

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Woman’s Snapchats Of Last Day With Her Dog Will Seriously Bring You To Tears
A woman shares seriously emotional photos of her last day with her dog on Snapchat.

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Michelle Obama Just Picked Barack's Nose In Public And Theres A Video
Michelle Obama discreetly picks a booger from her husband's nose, in a cute moment captured by cameras.

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I feel like this baby wants nothing but the best for me
I feel like this baby wants nothing but the best for me

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This Baby Bro Copying Rocky Balboa's EVERY SINGLE Training Move Is Freaking Awesome
A two-year-old perfectly mimics Sylvester Stallone's famous Rocky II training scene.

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This White Cop Is Going Viral For His Police Work In Black Communities
An Arkansas police officer named Tommy Norman goes viral for all of the right reasons with his excellent community policing.

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This Newly Released Footage Of WWE Legend Chyna Reveals Just How Messed Up She Was Before Her Death
disturbing footage of wrestling legend chyna emerges. the videos were taken before her recent drug overdose.

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Riley Curry taunts reporters at Steph's MVP ceremony
Riley Curry performs for the cameras during her dad's MVP ceremony.

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Here's The Powerful Moment A High School Teacher Found Out That Prince Died While In Class
The powerful moment when a teacher gets emotional upon learning of the death of legendary music artist Prince.

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This Hero Who Risked His Life To Save A Dog Hanging From A 10-Story Hotel Balcony Deserves All The Beers
A man bravely saves a dog hanging from a building balcony.

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Fans hold up their babies like Simba for Denver Nuggets' wonderful 'Lion King cam'
Sports fans hold up their babies like a famous scene from Disney's Lion King, for what has been dubbed the 'Simba Cam.'

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Staged Robbery
Man pretends to get robbed as a fake police officer helps with a surprise proposal.

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Kanye West, Tyga Dress Up as the Easter Bunny: See the Videos, Pics
Kanye West & Tyga attend the Kardashian Easter celebration, dressed in bunny costumes.

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People Are Freaking Out Over This Girl's Sad Picture Of Her Grandpa
A caring granddaughter adds a photo of her 'Sad Grandpa' to Twitter, and the tweet quickly goes viral.

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Riley Curry cheerfully starred on the Warriors' Dance Cam and the crowd went wild
Riley Curry makes Warriors fans go nuts when she is featured on the Oracle Arena's 'Dance Cam.'

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