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A Miracle Just Happened On The Price Is Right, Contestants Beat 1 in 8,000 Odds During A LIT Showcase Showdown
Contestants on The Price is Right make history with three-way tie

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Best Dad Ever Goes Makes Awesome American Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter
Dad goes viral after bulding his daughter, 5, an epic 'Ninja Warrior' obstacle course

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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump
Masked stuntman 8booth makes an amazing jump off a 5-story hotel into a small pool.

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Guys Simple Act Of Kindness For Cops At NYC Bombing Scene Is Going Viral
A Starbucks employee offered officers who were guarding the bomb scene on 23rd Street free coffee and pastries.

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Magician Performs Crazy Lemon Through Bottle Magic Trick at Fast Food Drive-Thrus
Famous Youtube magician Rahat, blows the mind of fast food employees with a closed water bottle and lemon trick.

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Everyone's Bugging Out Over The Video Of Bears Walking On Two Legs And Catching Food, Now I Know Why
A group of tourists in South Korea are entertained by bears walking on hind legs in exchange for snacks.

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In this video, we have water balloon fights with strangers.

In this video, we have water balloon fights with strangers.

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Seeing A Tree Get Hit By Lightning Is Like Watching A Dang Bomb Go Off
Incredible video of lightning striking a tree in Texas.

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Heroic brothers free a bald eagle from a trap and take the best selfie of all time
A cool viral video shows two brothers rescuing a bald eagle stuck in a trap near Ontario, Canada.

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Boy becomes internet sensation after hiccuping through Australian national anthem
Ethan Hall becomes an internet sensation after hiccuping his way through the Australian national anthem live on TV.

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Deaf Woman's Encounter At Starbucks Goes Viral (Video)
Florida Starbucks accommodates deaf community.

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The most magical dance ever: Bride makes her husband levitate on their wedding day
A bride makes her newly wed husband appear to float during a magical wedding dance on their big day.

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Watch a Shaolin monk break his own record by running 410 feet on water
A Shaolin monk runs on top of water for 125 meters.

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Father And Daughter Have The Most Epic Beatbox Battle Of All Time (Video)
A daughter reigns victorious in this viral beat-boxing video against her father.

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Man, 90, Intentionally Drives Car Through Garage Door (Video)
An elderly man fulfills an item on his bucket list when he backs an SUV through a garage door, purposely.

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