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Man survives two consecutive grizzly bear attacks, gets on Facebook, posts video
a man got out his pne and recorded a detailed account of his encounter with a grizzly bear

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Bro Wearing GoPro Fights Off ENORMOUS Great White Shark Attacking Him In Craziest Footage Ever
22-year-old Tyler McQuillen lived through one of the craziest experiences imaginable when a great white shark attacked him!

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Terrifying moment lion tries to kill baby on live TV but mother just LAUGHS
the disturbing incident will send a chill down any parent's spine as the predator lunges at the youngster on a talk sw.

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Dolphin At SeaWorld Is Tired Of Everyone's Sh*t, Steals Womans iPad And Then Totally Dominates Her
A dolphin steals an iPad from a ladies hand and then splashes the crowd.

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Shocking Video Captures The Terrifying Moment A Woman Is Mauled By A Tiger
a tiger attacks and kills a woman at a safari park in china.

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Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks Family's Pet Doberman In A Fight For The Ages
a mountain lion and doberman fight outside of a family's me in california.

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Terrifying moment leopard wanders into school and mauls man during rampage which left 4 injured
it took all day for rangers to finally capture the big cat, seen in the video leaping at a man and biting his sulder.

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Wolf Attack on Swedish Hunting Dog Caught on GoPro
a hunting dog is attacked by wolves in the woods of sweden while moose hunting.

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Into the pit! Rattlesnake snatches a man's GoPro from him with its mouth and pulls it down into a hole swarming with the snakes
gopro footage sws a creepy den of rattlesnakes taking the camera while trying to attack it.

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Kansas Police Officer Saves Park-Goers From Two Attacking Pit Bulls, Shoots One Dog In The Leg!
a police officer saves park-goers from two attacking pit bulls.

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Woman is hysterical while begging bear to stop breaking her kayak
Woman cries when a bear destroys her kayak in the woods.

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Guy Posts Gruesome Video Right After Being Attacked By A 13-Foot Shark
a hawaiian man captures a st of his injury and posts it social media after being attacked by a tiger shark.

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Pedestrian Gets Scared Of A Dog, Runs Into The Street and Gets Hit By A Van!
a man attempting to run away from a dog runs into a street and is struck by a van.

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Man in a kayak desperately fights off hammerhead shark
A California man who was fishing in a canoe is preyed upon by a hammerhead shark.

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Horrifying footage shows man being savaged by two pit-bulls as neighbours try in vain to help
pitbulls viciously attack a man in the street.

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