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Watch bystanders form a human chain to rescue woman from Maryland flood
Maryland residents work together to help rescue a woman in historic floods.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger records terrifying moment he's charged by wild elephant during safari
arnold schwarzenegger freaks out as an elephant charges towards his 4x4 in south africa.

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Hero bystander stops thief with an NFL-Worthy hit
A man helps stop a thief attempting to flee with a powerful takedown.

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Watch This Badass Dog Save Its Owner From A Sneak Attack By One Of The Most Venomous Snakes In The World
A dog's quick reflexes helps to save its owner from a potentially deadly snake bite.

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See moment celebrity chef 'caught cutting up line of white powder live on TV'
tv chef lubomir herko is caught apparently cutting up a suious looking line of white powder during a live morning broadcast.

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Real-time takedown: Helmet cam shows blasts and gunshots in Blockbuster-Style El Chapo police raid
mexican autrities release the violent tape of drug kingpin el chapo's most recent arrest.

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Woman Films Herself Confronting Starbucks Cashier Over Stealing Credit Card, Cashier Basically Craps Her Pants
a starbucks cashier admits to stealing a woman's credit card information when the victim confronts her in the drive-thru line.

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Caught On Camera: Tornado Rips Through Dallas, Texas! (Leaves At Least 11 Dead)
A huge tornado touches down near Dallas, TX - leaves tons of damage, and kills more than 10 people.

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Firefighter in China escapes building by jumping out of window after suit catches fire
dramatic footage sws a firefighter in china leaping out of a first-floor window after his suit catches fire

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This Video Of A Bridge Collapsing Shows Just How Dangerous The Chennai Floods Are
A bridge connecting two small Indian towns collapses during a dangerous flood.

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Ex-Circus Zebras Are Running Through The Streets Of Philadelphia And Yep! The Mushrooms Just Kicked In
zebras escape and run through the streets of philadelphia causing scores of police to chase them.

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That Crazy Blue UFO That Set The Night Sky Ablaze Wasn't A UFO Or Was It?
A mysterious UFO is filmed by hordes of spectators in California, and the video is quickly alleged to be a missile test.

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Shoplifter Tries To Walk Out Of Store With Beer, Female Clerk Goes All Oh, Hell Nah And Teaches Him A Lesson
a store clerk tussles with a splifter when he tries to leave her store witut paying.

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Samurai Slices A 100 Mph Baseball in Half
A modern Japanese Samurai slices a 100-mph baseball in half.

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WATCH: Daredevil narrowly avoids alligators as he walks tightrope over infested swamp.
this daredevil slackliner only narrowly avoided the jaws of man-eating alligators by carefully navigating his way along a precario

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