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Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii
a firefighter suffers a devastating fall while trying to rescue a hiker in hawaii.

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BREAKING: NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station Causing Possible Mass Casualties And Major Structural Damage
A NJ Transit train struck a wall in the Hoboken Terminal with mass casualties.

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Driver miraculously survives after losing control of garbage truck and plummeting 100 feet off a bridge
A dump truck driver loses control of his vehicle, falls over a bridge, yet still manages to survive.

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Police Officer Risks His Own Life Saving A Child As They Are Hit By A Car
Police officer escapes after getting hit by car as he saves the life of a child.

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Video: Dashcam footage shows car drive off Angeles Crest Highway, tumble down mountain
A car crashes and flips off of the side of a mountain.

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26-Year-Old Cyclist Crashes Into High-Speed Train And Amazingly Survives (Video)
A cyclist sustains minor injuries after a collision with a train in Opole, Poland.

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Watching This $4.1 Million Supercar Crash Into A Wall Is Just Like Watching Money Burn
A driver in China crashes a car worth over 4 million US dollars.

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Man survives 'Horrific' crash that split car in half
a man survives a frightful car crash that split his car in half after a failed ping attempt.

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Fox Sports reporter hit by car while on live TV
A reporter in Mexico is struck by a car while reporting outside of an airport.

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A Porsche landed on top of another Porsche during the GT Tour's Navarra 2015
A crash in a GT race ends with one race-car on top of another.

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Pedestrian Gets Scared Of A Dog, Runs Into The Street and Gets Hit By A Van!
a man attempting to run away from a dog runs into a street and is struck by a van.

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Man Amazingly Walks Away From Airborne, Multi-Rollover Nürburgring Crash
A driver has a terrifying crash on a public track in Germany, escapes unscathed.

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Think Fast: Biker Saves Girlfriend During Incredible Motorcycle Wipeout!
A bit of quick thinking by a biker helps to save the life of his girlfriend during a vicious crash.

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A Driver Loses Control And Hits An Onlooker - Spectator Suffers Traumatic Injuries (VIDEO)
a driver w is alleged to have been racing in this video, loses control of his vehicle and violently collides with an onlooker.

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Spain rally crash: Car flies off track and plows into crowd killing six and injuring at least 10
at around 8pm local time fans were left rrified as a sports car went off track and hit 20 spectators.

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