Abuse Stories

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Woman Chases Down Racist Man Who Assaulted Guy On Her Train In Bada** Video
A racist man punched a stranger in the face in London but he didn't get away without a fight.

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Woman Takes Pics With Topless Tinder Date Moments Before She Dies Escaping Him
ptos emerged of a woman posing naked next to a man moments before she fell 14 stories off his balcony while on a tinder date.

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Man caught on video repeatedly stabbing dog's face through fence at Houston home
rrible surveillance video captures man stabbing dog in near northside neighborod

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Live-Stream Shows Couple Overdosing On Sidewalk While People Watch And Laugh
video of a couple overdosing has surfaced and people are heard making jokes at their expense

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Please stop: Young girl begs as unapologetic Texas dad drags her through Walmart by the hair
Photos of a Texas father go viral as he drags his daughter around Walmart by her hair.

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Graphic Video Shows Baylor Wide Receiver Ishmael Zamora Beating Dog With Belt
a college football player is caught beating and kicking a helpless dog with a belt.

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Millionaire Accused Of Abuse Finds Surveillance Video Of Ex-Fiancée BEATING HERSELF UP To Prove His Innocence!
surveillance video allegedly sws a millionaire's ex-fiance beating herself in order to claim abuse.

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Babysitter Fired After Mom Finds Video Of Her Baby Being Harmed On Facebook
A babysitter comes under fire after a video emerges of her putting the small child in harm's way at a water-park.

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Teacher's Aide Arrested After Video Of Him Choke-Slamming His Mouthy Student Goes Viral
a milwaukee public scols staff member is caught on tape cking out a student into a row of desks.

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Soccer Coach Beats 16-Year-Old Player During Game (Video)
a romanian soccer coach kicks and punches a 16-year-old player during a match.

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PETA Is Going To Be Pissed! Alabama Student Beats His Cat And Posts Video On Social Media.
a student from the university of alabama spanks his cat with a belt for having an accident on his bed.

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Man Apparently Drowns Stepdaughter By Throwing Her In Pool Repeatedly (Video)
a small girl dies from secondary drowning after being repeatedly thrown in a pool by her step-father.

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Kid Viciously Knocks Out Stepdad For Hitting His Mom
a man is knocked out instantly after being hit by his wife's son for hitting slapping his mom in the face.

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Man Catches Woman Beating Little Boy In Public (Video)
a man sticks up for a boy that he alleges is being beaten by his mother.

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Mentally-Ill Mother Caught On Camera Abusing Newborn Baby (Video)
a deranged woman viciously abuses her newborn baby on camera.

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